Friday, September 10, 2010

Moving on!

*waves at everyone*


sorry for not updating the bloggie,

 lazy ass!
lazy brain!
lazy hands!

Oh well! 

Minister is coming back on sunday!! *with a lot of bombs i guess* merdeka period ends =|

I gotta get quite busy tomorrow! CLEANING MY ROOM and THE HOUSE WINDOWS! It gonna be a last-minute "spring" cleaning bcus last minute cleaning makes everything looks CLEAN AND TIDY! hahahaha.



i am in a holiday mood, so i am kinda quite lazy lazy! Cannot wake up in the morning and keeps on falling asleep during the noon T_T

Holiday wasn't 100% good overall!

 I, don't know how, got three scars on my right leg! URGHH! and pimples keep popping out from my face.. ANNOYING!

and, i had a trip to the hospital for breathlessness and cramps on both hands last tuesday! i was diagnosed with TOO STRESS.. on a holiday ._____. i admitted that i had a lot of thoughts in my brain, but i didn't know it can cause such a serious effect to my body~ 

I had to lie at the sick bay's patient bed for few minutes just to breathe in out with a plastic bag stuck with tapes at my mouth. Doctor says i had too much oxygen in my body, resulting in dizziness, cramp and faster breathing rate.

KPJ charged me RM 1.50 for using the patient bed and their mini plastic bag with less than 50cm tapes... HMMMM  -_________-

I was given BIG BIG tablets, calcium thinggy to stabilise my mood and some tablets for my gastric. MAN! it makes me feel like i am diagnosed with depression sickness.. T____T

ahh~ best thing about this year.. DAMAI TRIP =D 

it was my first trip to damai ever since i came here! Overnight for one night there. Did quite a lot of swimming there, and interestingly, i found myself able to swim from one end to another without taking breathe for about 1 min *chut seh* hahahah!

most memorable was kayak moment! we actually, used kayak to catch jellyfish! 


I cannot stop myself laughing when brian and shay hwa's kayak turn over and both the MAN reacted as if they were girls! hahaha.. they are panicking as if a shark is nearby! *well, a jellyfish was nearby* hahahah.. we successfully caught one jellyfish.. sadly, it was tortured to death by the birthday boy.. 

These are just some of the photos we took! u can visit my facebook "Ah pig" for more pics ;)

happy happy during kayak! 

my course mates! a lovely family ;D

my leg... T__T as black as coal.... but a shiny one! ;)

finally had a chance to wear the beach skirt i bought at bali! LOVE IT!!!



had nothing to update about.. ;(


zero month, my darlings' birthday! hope to celebrate with u all again like last year );

one more month, someone is getting old <3 <3

two more months, it gonna be our Xth anniversary together! *YEA!! love love*

three more months, it gonna be a HAPPY month,.

four more months, i gonna be 18 and it's A2 exam!!

five more months, ANG PAO TIME!!

six more months, I AM GOING BACK!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so happy about my life..

grateful for everything God gave me, especially my family and loves =D

and oh oh, my second lovely brother is leaving for good this month.. gonna miss him a lot, no more ko ko in KL.. sob sob ):


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random moments of life

It has been so many weekends. Same routines repeat everyday, makes me feel my life is so not adventurous =S

Apart from the extremely dreadful hair cut and hectic school life, i am quite fine =D

The weather nowadays is really... "unstable" i would say. Two days of BBQ and few days of pouring rain.

5 more days until the arrival of DOOMSDAY *release of my AS results* Saddening =| 

A-level is really... killing me. Chemistry and maths are still okayy, biology is C-R-A-P!

One of the reason is the low standard lecturer =.= 

Most of the time when i ask her a question, she would go like "UMMM EMM... let me think first", walks away and never come back. SAD! 

I miss my indian bio teacher in high school, she can answer any of my questions without requiring some day to think.. )= 

the first 50% i scored in my life, for biology. I was the only one who passed in class, so my parents aren't that angry and still considered me as "not bad" KEKEKKE..

This month is the FATS GAINING month,  due to kuching festival that lasts for 3 weeks. 

Kuching festival is the gathering of all the BEST, TOP, BRILLIANT food in Kuching. It's like an open air kopitiam for everyone. 

I will go there buy makan makan at least once a week.. 

Thus, i might had already gained 500g per week. The worrying part is that my tummy is popping out .______.

I also work there for 2 days as a balloon salesgirl =P

 I bet no one would ever believe i can pump the balloon with helium on my own and sell them. 

It's fun, yet tiring, especially when the heavy rain comes and we all had to move all the things in and out. Imagine lazypig pushing in and out the super big helium tank... =O 

As a result of working, i had minor bruises and swells on most of my finger. Got them from pulling the strings with bare hands when a lot of customers strike.

Oh well, studying is always better than working. teehee

Ahhh, here's the food pictures. Hope they make u feel... 


rice in a bag

Taiwan sausage of different flavours, yummmy... this is something i will eat every time i go.

the BOMB. nice kueh with different kinds of filling.

the fried ice cream. Fried bread skin with ice cream. NICE!

This is 大肠包小肠 (big sausage wrapping small sausage) i would not list it in the nice food. So-so only.

Ham-cheese-sausage roll. Not bad

Expensive potato twist, yet delicous.

Uncle Bob Chicken. THUMBS UP

this is... hmm.. mee in a kueh from baba nyonya. Nice and special.

the nasi lemak in kuching =_= stil brunei's nasi katok is the best.. kekekeke

this is a.. i dunno what.. mixture of ham, cheese, meat, etc in a fishball. list in as SO-SO

Popular fried SIO BEE =D

More to come cos i 100% confirm will go there again for the coming week. TOO MANY THINGS TO EAT!!! RAWRRRRRR.. * still feel so so so hungry thinking about it =S

Shall i conclude that Kuching is a town that makes u and i gain weight most of the time? 


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Specially for you ♥

Dear my love,

I felt like having so much to say to you but i just don't know where to start..

For these 1361 days, i had learnt a lot from you and from our relationship.

Throughout these days, we had gone through a lot of up and down, separation and "reunion", joy and tears.

Now, we are far apart from one another. Everyone say long distance relationship won't work, but i believe in us. It is indeed hard to maintain our relationship, but i will always try my best until the very last.

I can't be a perfect girl for you, but i will try my very best to be the best for u all the time.

It has been 7 months since i left you. You really give me a feeling that you are so different from others. You never lost your trust in me, so do I.

Tears, hurt, sorrow and pain are getting normal. I can't demand u to fulfill every of my requirements cos u aren't the mighty in this world. Sometimes, i broke down unexpectedly due to my many unfulfilled requirements. Thinking about it, i knew i was quite wrong. I should not have ask for more, all i need is ur love and care.

Each time we quarrel, you never left me alone. You would just get mad for some time and turn around as soon as possible to tell me everything is okay and u always love me like before. I'd say a lot of people will never do so, they pretty much will just abandon me due to my pessimistic attitude and childish thoughts. You are the only one who can get over it and encourage me to change. I really dislike the way u treat me harshly sometimes, but i realized, u are doing so because u wan me to change to a better and stronger girl.

We can't be like other couples out there in the shopping mall, school or streets; i could neither touch nor feel you. All we can do everyday is just webcam, online chatting and talking through the phone. I have used to our daily sweet time together back in the past, and now i gotta change to a new routine. Our relationship used to be 90%, now the most we can get is just -- 60% ++. But i am really proud to say, you are always by my side.

I know every time when i am down or moody, i never think back what are the great things u have done for me. I just keep thinking about how bad u are being like this. Ooops, sorry if i broke ur heart partly at this section =S

I always have you on the phone to hear my crying when i felt so bad..

I always have you to walk me home when i felt so lonely and scared..

I always have you to tell me everything gonna be okay because you will always be with me..

I always have you to tell me to stand up again when i fall down..

I always have you to do stupid things with me and to laugh together..

I always have you to give me opinion when i am in trouble.

I always have you to know that i need ice cream, junk food, stars and wind when i am moody.

I always have you, the only you, who is allowed by me to watch horror movie together with me..

I always have your fatty fatty belly to hug xD

I don't have you when i suddenly woke up in the midnight, but i still can find u in my dreams..

I don't have you sometimes when i really need someone but i know u will be there for me the next day..

I don't have you to be the very extremely perfect mr right,


I really want you to know you are always  the best for me (=

 It may sounds absurd to a lot of mature people about what i am talking right now, but for me, i cherish everything in my life, especially my teenage's memories =D

Baby dear, i just wanna tell you,

the sweet memories we had were the past,

the very special letter i read every time we quarrel..

What were our promise? .__________. i forgot already. TEEHHEE

our very unique house drawn by you =D

the very sweetie you to make me happy when we were in secondary...

we absolutely can't get back to all those happy memories, but we sure can create another new album together.
I really love you a lot.

 LOVELY lazypig

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yes, indeed, me and my dad are MERDEKA now =D

the minister at home  a.k.a MUM  is somewhere on this earth for some time.

WEEE~ i feel free!!!

Sadly, i quite miss her =|

 Without her presence, no more nagging, no more loh soh-ing, no more yummy healthy food.. sigh!

 i had now, started another new semester! ._.

my peanut brain starts to not functioning smoothly, resulting me not able to focus on my books. DESPERATO!

anyways, i attended my second bro's wedding last few weeks ago.. busy and busy days at kl.. and of course, good time to take red packets. Hiak hiak hiak. That's an advantage for being young =P

so, we look alike? =O

For that wedding day, my bro had to "waste" RM 90 for me to do make up and hair set up. It's normal price at KL. Sounds expensive but good result!

so first, my very thick and fat eyebrow is SHAVED ._. that was my first time. how.... "interesting" i would say.. haha~ 

most of all, i felt.. LEFT OUT...!! because i can't speak Cantonese when i was in KL. I only know how to listen! how lao yah and outdated i am..

after all done with dress on! =D looks... TRANSFORMED.. hahaha

This is my overall look *which i promised to let everyone see* That dress is amazingly nice and cheap, sadly, some part of my body is too UN-FILLED... that's why, no OUTSTANDING result was observed. *sighss deeply*

yea.. me with mum. I MISS HER =|

VAIN again.. *blush*



formal. LOL


HEHEH! i just... FAKED to be cool.. DUN ANGRY!!! *shy shy*

oh ya peeps.. dun forget to watch this movie when u are free! DESPICABLE ME! 


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working days!

12 working days had passed!

It's finally time to off and go KL shiok! i gonna do a lot of shopping and see a lot of LENG ZAI and liang moi in KL.... *OOOOPS! SORRY FEI FEI* WAHAHAHHAHAHAHA*

Throughout these working days, i realised quite a few thing...

Actually, working is much more tiring than studying. I used to think those working population just senang senang work in the morning, night at home can so free do own things, not like all those students.. hafta study day and night with less freedom. When working, u have to follow an improper diet, have to see customers' face, have to follow other ppl's order.. feel very uncomfortable too =| *it only feels comfortable when u see ur salary coming xD* when study, can come home rest, eat healthy home cook on time, online.. so much better.. (= so do cherish ur study life peeps!

Well, at least i managed to spend my holiday "wisely".. i learnt how to paint, pump and make balloons in which i have a phobia of.. I just feel so good when i can sit down the whole working day and paint something, furthermore, i sat right in front of the cinema and i watch the trailer everyday! i am updated with new movies everyday! call me MOVIE PIG =D 

cantik ler my paiting.. *shiok sendiri

i drew it with big mouth at first.. however, it was rejected T_T

it was actually a plain monkey with no cap or shirt at all! i drew it mwahself!!  
feels so pro! *shiok sendiri again =.=*

my dear bebeh.. haha~ she said this is lady gaga's hairstyle O.O why i never see before one?? maybe this is KUCHING VERSION LADY KAKAK.. hahaha..

my adorable friend! who taught me a lot of iban langauge =D 
do u know what is burit? xD

and this one... is my work place~ i start working every morning by arranging all these stuffs up and pack it back at 9.30 pm =| i was eating dinner and ah thai took my pic =.= *somehow, i feel my leg i long enuf and is sexy!* WAHHAHAHAHAA... *shiok sendiri again =.=*


i realise baking choco cake in public toilet requires some skill

let's see my explanations! 

When u sit at that position *which is on the outer part of the toilet bowl*, ur cake cake will drop into the water, forming all sorts of sound.. PLLUUUPP!! BLOOOPPP! BUUUUPP!! DUUUUPP~ which is quite...... *shy shy* Furthermore, it will echo in the toilet.. making everyone can hear it.. so.. this aint a good position? =S

however, when u change to another position, that is inner part of the toilet bowl, u wil realise it won't be a good position too. This is because when u sit on the inner part, it won't form sounds because u cover the whole bowl.. sadly, as the cake cake dive into the water, u wil wet ur buttock with ur own pee =| which is quite.. disgusting and infectious~ LOL..


shall we squat or how? HAHAHAH

i still cannot find the best position... 

let me try some more time first and i will tell u guys =P you should practice at home too.. HEHEHEHEH

okay! gotta stop here.. 

the weather here is so damn hot like BBQ or just like sitting beside the campfire =| so sad.. no aircond.. unlike brunei.. T_____________T

AHHH~ lastly... my dear fei fei.. <3 <3

how lovely he could be =D